About CSA

The CSA Mission

The Convention Services Association of Las Vegas (CSA) is a non profit organization. The Convention Services Association is one of the most dynamic organizations in Las Vegas, NV. It was formerly known as the WCSA (Women’s Convention Services Association).

The Convention Services Association is comprised of individuals affiliated all branches of the Las Vegas convention and tourism industry. This includes hotels, airlines, travel agencies, ground transportation, service contractors and other vendors who work together professionally to promote and service the convention and tourism industries.

The objectives and purposes of the Convention Services Association of Las Vegas is to promote cooperation, professional growth through education, and good fellowship among the members.

A Little History

In 1968 (34 years ago), the CSA was born. The group originally a Convention Sales Secretaries Association, became the Women’s Convention Sales Association in 1987. At the time acknowledging the promotion of women to all levels of management. In 1997, the organization changed its name to Women’s Convention Services Association.

Again to reflect those women in the convention service industry outside of sales. 2001 not only saw the official beginning of a new millenium, but also a change in this organization. Long gone are the days of separating the women from the men. The WCSA became the CSA to allow even bigger and better opportunity to all in the convention services industry.